Photo from Goodbyes are painful Wish time could be bought To hear you say hello To see your face…. Dreams and memories buried Hope and what if’s buried beneath a mound of soil. They say crying doesnt allow those that have crossed over to find their way I wish you could come back and … Continue reading Breathe…


taken from Gone If I had known you would be gone I would have held on to your hand tightly that you would not slip I would have looked at your face so it would not fade in my memories I would have made time freeze to capture your smile, your laugh when you … Continue reading Gone


photo taken from Footprints The path was unknown The journey unprepared But still the hearts beat in sync Fists clenched Hands interlinked Refused to let it fade Blurred lines Smudgy memories Silence reigns Footprints imprints in sand Now swept away by the final wave Bittersweet goodbyes...

Maybe love is just underrated…

Dr Nakanyane

How many times have you heard people say that love is overrated

How many times have you believed this because you couldn’t experience love the way you’d love to

The broken trust, the betrayals, the fears and inability to completely give in

We find ourselves in relationships where we give more than we get

Where we find ourselves wanting when we’re overly expending ourselves

Love is bound to feel overrated in a situation where it serves no purpose than to make one feel less of themselves than they should

But what if love was done right?

What if you found someone who did not only mirror your love but accentuated it

What if being in love meant you evolve into something you’ve only dreamed of becoming but never believed you could

What if you could trust fully, believe without limits and give your everything to someone you knew could never…

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