If you knew that…..

In 2017 Zola @ooeygooey sent a tweet and it read « If you knew that you wouldn’t be here tomorrow, what brave thing would you do today ». I responded to her tweet by sharing that if I was not scared I would start a blog.

Over the years I have shared my wish to start one , guest blogged on friends’ blogs and as they say when the time is right, things fall into place.

Things happen at specific times. At such times, things are lined up in the right way. This is what I feel as I set out on this singular journey that I will be sharing through this blog.

You will expect in this blog, things that I am passionate about and which give me great joy. My hope is that you will share in these joys as well. You will probably read of my pet loves: books, soapies, music, films, social issues and extracts of my own fictional writing (poetry and prose).

I look forward to your engagement with my posts. It is your engagement that will improve my blog and improve the quality of what you read.

Until my next post, thank you for  choosing to be part of my journey

P.S In the meantime you can read my old writings I will be sharing.