Share 5 proverbs in the vernacular and what they mean #WinterABC2020 #Day11

According to an online Shona dictionary a proverb is what we call tsumo in Shona and it is “A short pithy sentence, often repeated colloquially, expressing a well-known truth or a common fact ascertained by experience or observation; a popular saving which briefly and forcibly expresses some practical precept; an adage ; a wise saw: often set forth in the guise of metaphor and in the form of rime, and sometimes alliterative”. In short it relates a message indirectly and these are the 5 proverbs .

Disclaimer : my meanings might not be concise but well well !

1.Mwana asingacheme anofira mumbereko

This loosely translates to “a child who does not cry will die in the baby carrier.” It means that if you do not speak up or share your desires no one will know so speak your heart.

2.Mhembwe rudzi inozvara mwana ane kazhumi

Lol this one means mmh like father like son I think, like one’s actions are often an imitation of their predecessor.

3.Mazvokuda mavanga enyora

This means that we are masters of our destinies based on our choices and when we suffer any consequences , we should reflect on our choices.A for accountability.

4.Rume rimwe harikombi churu

This means that if someone wants to yield something , team work is key because when you are alone , you can not do much.

5. Moyo muti unomera paunoda

This means that one chooses what they want inspite of what other people might say. Basically the heart wants what it wants lol maybe.

What are your local proverbs ?

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