2020 What was that ?

before the storms

The calm before the storm

If you had told me that 2020 was going to be quite a year when I took that photo, I would not have believed you. I took that photo on the 14th of March 2020 , a week before my birthday and it was just like any other Saturday, I go to work and life is merry. Little did I know that the world would go on hold and lockdowns would be the new normal and life would be different. It felt like time stood still for a bit and slowly started to unwind


2020 was a painful tough year for me, I call it the year of a rude awakening, unmasking of everything and people around me and stripping of all things I knew, saw and had. All plans set and envisioned went in the opposite direction and I realised that I had zero control over anything. 2020 made me face the demons I often bury due to “busyness” and I got to know myself much better. In relation to my engagements with other people, a lot of unlearning and learning was done as we adapted to the new normal and it felt like an unmasking or stripping of what I had known of those around me took place. I had to let go of people and things I held dear, I had to say goodbye even when it hurt and when I didnt want to… Anyone whose energy levels were a mess this year ? Lets just say my productivity levels were like a carrousel and I give myself a pat I have made it to December.

Biggest takeaways /lessons

These are some of my takeaways for this year.

  1. He restores even when it feels like He is quiet , He is working in the background prepping for your comeback .

2. Having a support system is important ( be it family or friends) and spending time with them is a gift .

3. Good health is the greatest wealth so take care of yourself.

4. Above all the gift of life is the most precious in the world.

5. Stop pouring into people’s cups when you are running on empty .

6. Take each day as it comes and its okay to not know everything and to have control of everything .

7. Love, laugh and you can cry its okay.

8. Heal, hurting people hurt others.

Some songs that uplifted me during the year

Music plays a great role in my day to day and these are some of the songs that uplifted me during the year.

Hillsong – Even When It Hurts

Hillsong – Be Still

Maverick City- Such An Awesome God

Natalie Grant – Praise You In This Storm

Judikay – Capable God

Ada ft Sinach – Fix My Eyes

GoodGirl LA- Bless Me

2021 Wish

I wish 2021 will be a gentle and kind year…

7 thoughts on “2020 What was that ?

    1. who would have known. No storm lasts forever for real, I am not sad too to say goodbye 2020 hoping 2021 is not 2020 lite loool . change is the constant thing in life and so to 2021.


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