A glimpse of heaven on earth

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 It’s that time of the year (well on this side of the globe) when we celebrate that special person who taught us how to hold a spoon, brush our hair and even tie our shoe laces – mother. Well I could not come up with something new so I decided to share one of my odes to my mum that was once shared on Enthuse Afrika and here it goes …

For me, I believe the greatest gift I was given by God that is irreplaceable, untradeable and precious is my Mum. To the rest of the world, she is a daughter, a confidante, a sister and a colleague but to me she is my hero. Growing up without a dad after he passed on, she took up the role of being my provider, my father and did whatever it took to send me to school till I graduated from varsity. One particular time I fondly remember was when she had to negotiate for more buying power in Barbours in order to get me my “A” level blazer. The year was 2008, a tough year but still she never gave up on putting me through school, making sure I was fed, clothed and had a roof to sleep under.

Besides being my provider, my mother is my best friend and my fave hype person. She is always watching my back, giving me sound advice ( though I side eye her and do the opposite ). I can share my shortcomings and she always lends her listening ear . She has pulled all nighters with me when I had to write my assignments, danced with me when I celebrated all my milestones.

She is that type of friend who sticks around when your whole world feels like its all crumbling down and she is my safe space. I always remember fondly when I was going through a heartbreak and she held my hand and nursed me be back to life !( bless her heart I was going through the most)

Moreover she is my teacher. I have learnt most of my valuable lessons in life through her like practising the art of forgiveness, to be resilient and the power of prayer. ( well i try to do all the three but being human is hard) . As for being resilient she has taught me to see through any difficult situation and to never give up on my dreams. During varsity there was a time when I was about to give up on finishing my dissertation. Confirm school is hard…She sat me down and gave me a pep talk that I often reflect on whenever I want to quit on school. As for the power of prayer, this takes me back to when I was just 4 years and I had a terrible splitting headache, I woke her up and she held me in her arms and prayed and when I woke up the following morning I was healed.

She also has the most soothing voice that makes everything feel like it will be all right. I think they came with some special voice software because their voice calms all the stuffs .

i believe this!

To remember and to celebrate my mum means that I will honour her and respect her for she has been my sacrificial lover, my comforter and my number one supporter. If I am to celebrate my mum it would mean that I am saluting every mum out there whose bosom has nursed many distressed hearts and provided any being with soft gentle care like Sta-soft.

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To remember and to celebrate my mom means that I will appreciate all the women who have traded their slender bodies for stretch marks, pouch bellies and wrinkled eyes just to bring forth Future Presidents, scientists and great thinkers into the world. Those women whose soft hands have nurtured many children and have devoted all they had just to see someone beam with a smile.

If I could ,I would write in the skies that she is the best mom in the world. If I could, I would shout in the mountains so that she would hear my echoes telling her that I love her. If I could, I would make her a gold medal and sing her favourite song as I place it around her neck.

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Precious more than diamonds and rubies, rare as a sunflower in a desert, important as a vaccine and beautiful as the sunrise, to many she is just a colleague, a daughter, a confidante and a sister but to me she means the world, she is my hero and I get to call her mum…

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