To the man who taught me gentleness …

Dzimwe nguva patinopfuudzwa napo panorwadza zvisingaite

It feels like my heart has been ripped apart and finding its different pieces will take a while longer. Your death shook me to the core and I found myself looking for my graduation celebrations sitting plan and where your seat was going to be.

Death is so final, my mind keeps racing to all the memories we shared and all the moments I hoped we would share

Death is so brutal , I wish I had hugged you tighter and never let you go the last time I saw you

Death is so cruel , I wish I had recorded your voice more so I could play it back now whenever I will miss you

Death is so selfish, I feel you were snatched by this monster who is grimly smiling at me whilst I wipe tears , my worst fear is now a reality

taken from

Who will blow on my tea so I can drink it ?

Who will sing for me all the songs you used to sing?

Who will carry me and dance with me ?

Who will tell me stories like you did ?

Who will listen to me read and read with me ?

Death should never be proud !

taken from

Thank you for the memories I shall cherish till infinity

Thank you for standing up for me and seeing me

Thank you for teaching me how to write and making me laugh till my stomach and cheeks ached

You loved me tenderly

You held my hand and gave warm hugs that felt like home

You always listened and your gentle calmness made my mind be still

taken from

I refuse to say goodbye to you for now but to say till we meet again sekuru, tell gogo I miss her badly.

I love you, rest well my love , rest well sekuru

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