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No amount of self-help books can wash away the ghost that

Lurks in the shadows of the night…

No amount of playbacks can help find the clues to Caspering

Caspering like how thieves walk in and out of homes leaving just but a trace

A trace to say hello we passed through …

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Through the haunting memories of sleepless nights , no you sleep , no we can’t sleep yet

as you ushered the new day to a tomorrow that would never come to being

Through the giggles, the beaming smiles, the quick check ins,

Innings and outings that became your daily bread yet still it comes to a halt

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No amount of Domestos can help wipe the blotch left in your heart

No amount of memory verses mastered can help quieten that lingering ache

Ache to ask questions for the why?

For the why even diarrhea announces it’s arrival…

The churning and rumblings of your belly as it signals that you are in trouble

Trouble you know you can not stop once in motion

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Motion echoing emotions bundled up

Like raw sewer uncontrollable yet leaving a rotten egg smell

To mark that it has passed through like the ghost

Departs unannounced yet leaves you to the rude awakening of their departure…

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