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We talked about

How we liked each other

In paragraphs, voice notes, future notes ….

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Sharing of our babies’ names

If she was a girl, she would be called Dove because our love had brought peace amongst us

If he was a boy, he would be called Beacon because in us hope was stirred inside our hearts

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Hearts often carry journeys travelled, wishes hoped and promises meant to be kept

Kept to feed the fire that makes the chemistry grow but ..

In one word responses, talking bundles expired

Unread became grey ticks

Grey ticks became blue ticks

Blue ticks became late responses

Late responses became silence…

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You see our mothers never prepared us for the muffled cries

When your silence has a chokehold on me

When your unsaid words have me singing till my voice breaks

Breaks into prayers for ….

A tick ……

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