A letter to my father

31 October 199_

Dear Dad

Some dates and days hold special meanings and reminders for certain people,my fave author once said.On this day I always wake up with a lump stuck in my throat and I try find something to help my mind not wonder but it always ends up where I dont want it to go .Reflection

Death robbed us ,robbed us of possibilities,opportunities,dreams and moments I will always wonder on about.I wish I could rewind time and it would take us back to when you were there,death should never be proud.

I wish I could ask for a chance to have you even for a day so I could sit down with you and tell you what you have missed out and how life has been without you.

I know you fought a good fight and if you had it your way you would watch us grow.They say it is God who gives and it is Him who takes but its hard, mashoko enyaradzo asi anorwadza kune asara .They say time heals but they lie you learn to live with the pain and some days are better than others

Thank you for leaving your LP’s for us to listen to ,you wont believe how much I love listening to the likes of James Chimombe, Thomas Mapfumo,Lovemore Maijavana, Dolly Parton and Don Williams (you had rich taste in music)

Thank you for leaving your love letters you used to exchange with mum,I think you could teach one or two things to my suitors and some would probably catch hands for being funny. (I often marvel at how you shared your endearing love and maybe your writing bug rubbed off on me )

Thank you for that one chance meeting with mum,you left us with one precious gift we cherish and adore.Without her our lives would have been different.

How can I capture what you have missed out without leaving important details?

How can I capture what you shall miss on without having to fight back tears because hey sometimes all I want to do is talk to you!

I always search for you in us if there are certain things one of us does that you used to do.I always try to remember you through your photos but sometimes ….

I love you always and I am proud you were my Dad with that afro and beard of yours.

Till we meet again Chikonamombe,rest in peace baba.


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