Somebody’s son

This song by Tiwa Savage and Brandy -Someboy’s Son has been on repeat on my playlist . The video is amazing , well you can check it out on this link

You are probably asking where I am going with this right? Well I love it and it made me wonder what I would possibly say if somebody’s son was to find me ? So I decided to pen down something and here goes ….

photo taken from

You are testament that He answers prayers

For this day I prayed

You see if I could sing I would sing Fireboy’s energy for you

Because I love being around you and I thank heavens I met you

You see if I could sing I would sing Tyres’s best of me

Because you are the most precious gift in my life

For you bring the best in me …..

photo taken from Twitter @seyishae

Into me see ,you feel like home.

Home is where the heart is and you are home.

You see you make my cheeks aching from smiling

You make my eyes light up when I see you

You make my mind be still like the stars in the sky

photo taken from

In the sky I wish I could paint the sky with the rainbow written with your name

In the sky I wish I could engrave your face in the sky for the world to see

My heaven sent gift

Photo taken from

Gifts wrapped in ribbons and bows are precious….

Like how graphite is important in a pencil

Like how fuel is important in a car

Like how a melody is important in a song

So are you…..

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